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Camp Counselor Coyote

ask me things! ||   || submit!   ||| camp counselor coyote's rules of submission ||| A blog for camp counselors and the lives we live there! Admin herself is a counselor and eleven-year attendee at a Girl Scout camp in the northwest and, like any real counselor, understands the magic of camping!

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Camp Counselor Coyote News: Management News!

Hey, coyotes! There’s been a mild influx of submissions throughout the year, and I’m sorry to say I haven’t touched nearly any of them! I’ve got a job as a professional freelance writer now, and while it isn’t taking up enough of my time to stop the blog, it did encourage me to remake my personal blog for a more “work-friendly environment”, haha! 

I’m finally settled in and have moved admin privileges over to my new blog, so I hope to get all the submissions out of the way. Please send in your coyote suggestions and I will get them up ASAP!


— 4 months ago
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